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World’s 50 Greatest Leaders

Old Newtonian Kerstin Forsberg, Prom 2001

When Kerstin Forsberg was a Newton student, her attention was drawn to animal care, so much that she started a Nature Club that inspired school authorities to dismantle the on-site zoo we used to have and find better homes for the animals. That was probably the first of many accomplishments she has achieved while caring for the environment.

Kerstin studied biology and focused on marine conservation. Since she founded the NGO Planeta Oceano in 2009, she has focused on educating and empowering coastal communities to sustainably manage their marine resources while also developing sustainable businesses that preserve the giant manta rays, instead of depleting their small population in the northern seas of Peru and Ecuador. Kerstin teaches the member of those communities to care for the ocean, enabling them to be guardians of the marine habitat and benefit from it.

Her efforts have earned her multiple recognitions worldwide. She has received The Whitley Award and has been named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. She was the only Peruvian in such list and the only woman in Latin America.

Most recently, Kerstin has been included in the list of the World's 50 Greatest Leaders by Fortune Magazine. Kerstin is leading a major social change in the communities she is working with. She has found her vocation in the organization she founded, and she has proved that through dialogue and collaboration, systemic changes can become positive social changes too.