The extended curriculum

Education extends beyond classroom doors

Model United Nations enables students to become remarkable researchers, negotiators, communicators and problem solvers of global issues. At a MUN conference, they represent a country in trying to negotiate resolutions with other countries’ diplomats on topics such as nuclear disarmament, disease control, drug and child trafficking, migration and refugees, among others. Newton students have won awards in the annual Harvard MUN Conference in Boston, and in many local conferences the team has also won the Best Delegation award. Presently, our MUN students are working with the Ministry of Education and leading workshops to help public schools introduce MUN in their curriculum.

Education extends beyond classroom doors. Our extended curriculum greatly enriches our academic programmes and the CVs of our students. This is the added value that helps our graduates be offered places at some of the top 100 universities in the world1: University of California Los Angeles, London School of Economics, University of Toronto, New York University Abu Dhabi, University of British Columbia, Manchester University, Boston University, University of Southern California, Durham University, St. Andrew’s University and Emory University.

The best universities in the world are no longer looking for just academic excellence. They seek students who will contribute to those around them, who care passionately about local and global issues, and who engage in experiences that stimulate their creativity and leadership.

1According to the Times Higher Education, World University Rankings 2015-2016.