Selecting the right school for your child

We fully recognise that selecting the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make as a parent. You need to ensure that the school’s educational philosophy and values are aligned with your own views, that the curriculum offers a broad and balanced range of subjects and extra-curricular activities, and that the school’s campus and facilities promote a rich educational experience in a safe environment.

Children learn best when they are engaged in experiences which they find relevant and meaningful when they know that their teachers care for their personal and social well-being when their natural curiosity is stimulated, and they are not afraid to explore and make mistakes.

Before selecting a school, we recommend that you carefully read its website and then visit its facilities. At Newton College, we offer you a guided tour of our campus, take you into classrooms to see how our pupils learn and invite you to speak to our staff. We would like you to experience the authentic ethos of the school.

At present we have some vacancies for 2021 , and we have also opened the 2022/2023 admissions process. Our admissions process is explained in the following sections. If you have any queries, consult our Admissions Officer at

If you would like to visit our school, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to meeting you.

Admission Process 2022 / 2023:

Early Years

Early Years comprises Level I, Level II, Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten. Our modern nursery school has spacious Level I classrooms that accommodate 15 pupils under the care of a teacher, an assistant and an auxiliary; Level II and Pre-Kinder classrooms have over 90m2 and can accommodate 20 pupils. All classrooms have incorporated toilet facilities for the children and teaching staff, a dramatic play section, a reading corner and science and art areas. The classroom furniture meets the highest standards of health and safety, made with wood from sustainably managed forests.

The campus includes large specialist rooms for music and theatre arts, as well as a large library. The lighting, crossed ventilation systems and special acoustics insulation ensure a healthy learning environment. Each level has an extensive green area for play and recreation and beautifully landscaped gardens.

When applying for a place in Early Years, parents should take into account these ages:

Level 1 2 years of age by March 31st on year of admission
Level 2 3 years of age by March 31st on year of admission
Pre-Kinder 4 years of age by March 31st on year of admission
Kindergarten 5 years of age by March 31st on year of admission

The Admissions Officer will send via email the forms and requirements to all families interested in participating in the 2022 and 2023 processes.

Upon complying with submitting the forms and required documentation via email, parents will have a virtual interview with the school's principals. Due to the current sanitary emergency situation, guided visits to the school campus have been suspended until further notice.

Our offices are temporarily closed. For any queries, you may contact us at

Admission Process 2021 / 2022:

Lower School and Upper School

Lower School comprises 1st to 5th Grade; Upper School comprises 6th Grade and Form I to Form VI. The maximum number of pupils per class is 24, although in some courses (e.g. IB Diploma) there are fewer. In 1st and 2nd Grade the tutor is accompanied by a support teacher. The classrooms in these two levels have been remodelled and are well-appointed, illuminated and ventilated. Attractively landscaped gardens and the surrounding lake provide a calm environment that is very conducive to learning.

There are modern laboratories for science and computing, specialist rooms for visual art, music and theatre arts and extensive facilities for sports which include: a sports centre, two swimming pools, two natural grass pitches for football and rugby, an athletics track and numerous courts for volleyball and basketball.

When applying for a place from 2nd Grade to Form V, pupils will need to do tests in English, Spanish and Mathematics. These are intended to inform us what concepts the pupils understand and what skills they have developed. Children may not have the expected academic levels in the three basic subjects, but if they have the potential and parental support, they may still be offered a place. Also, they will do a simple Psychology test to inform us of their cognitive and emotional intelligence.

The Admissions Officer will send via email the forms and requirements to all families interested in participating in the 2021 and 2022 processes. Due to the current sanitary emergency situation, guided visits to the school campus have been suspended until further notice.

Our offices are temporarily closed. For any queries, you may contact us at


The application file indicates which documents need to be provided for the admissions process to continue. For all applicants, these include:

  • Documents:
  • Application Form
  • Original and copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of official identity document
  • Four (04) passport size colour photos (white background)
  • Copy of vaccination records
  • With reference to the parents:
  • Copy of both parents’ official identity document
  • Proof of household income form
  • For children transferring from another school in Peru:
  • Applicants from 2nd grade of primary to 5th year of secondary, original and copy of report cards of the last two years of studies
  • Applicants from 2nd grade to 6th grade of primary, all certificates from primary prior to the grade they are applying to
  • Applicants to 1st year of secondary (Form I of Upper School), all certificates from 1st to 6th grade of primary
  • Applicants to 2nd to 5th year of secondary (Form II to Form V of Upper School), all certificates from secondary prior to the grade they are applying to
  • Updated "Ficha Integral del Educando"
  • Conduct Certificate from the school of origin
  • Relocation resolution
  • Enrolment proof (SIAGIE)
  • For children transferring from a school abroad
  • Certificate of studies from the country of origin, duly legalized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and countersigned by the Peruvian Consulate or Embassy in the country of origin.

Settling into our school

We understand that entering a new school can be an unnerving experience for some students and their parents too.

Once a child is accepted, our Admissions Officer will inform parents what preparations need to be made before the first day of school (e.g. timetables, the purchase of school uniform, access to the school Intranet, etc.). Likewise, we will explain to you how to pay fees and how to register for the lunch service in our refectory.

Heads of Level will explain the systems that are in operation with regard to attendance and punctuality, communication between school and home, conduct expectations, extra-curricular activities, etc. They will also explain the Parents’ Ethical Guide, which is a set of conducts related to each of our four school values that we would like parents to model.

If parents wish, the Head of Level will assign them a current Newton family to help them settle into the Newton community. Usually, the assigned family will be the parents of the pupil who will be the new student’s “buddy” for the first few weeks. The buddy will help the new pupil to feel comfortable and feel at ease.

In the case of very young pupils who enter Early Years, parents will be allowed to accompany their child during a reasonable adaptation period.

Our Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) is also available to answer any queries that new parents may have.

The most important contact person for new parents is their child’s tutor. Parents may ask for a meeting with the tutor (or other teachers) to learn more about their child’s academic progress, overall performance and integration into our school.

We a very friendly and caring school community, and our pupils are used to receiving new classmates.

School Fees (PAYMENTS)

Entrance fee

Once a student is admitted to Newton College, the entrance fee must be paid to Asociación Educacional Williamson del Perú, a non-profit educational organization, governing body of Newton College.

The entrance fee is US$16,000.00 and special conditions are granted for families according to the entrance grade:

Entrance Grade 1st child 2nd child +
Early Years (Level II, Pre Kinder and Kinder) US$ 16,000 US$ 13,300
Lower School (1st and 2nd Grade) US$ 16,000 US$ 13,300
Lower School (3rd Grade to 5th Grade) US$ 13,300 US$ 11,000
Upper School (6th Grade to Form II) US$ 10,000 US$ 8,300
Upper School (Form III to Form V) US$ 8,000 US$ 6,000

As of 2021, the entrance fee may be paid in three installments, depending on the grade in which the pupil enrolls, up to Form III.

For students who are admitted to Level I (2 years old) for 2021 or 2022, the first installment of the entrance fee will be paid at the beginning of their second year of studies, that is, at the start of Level II.

For additional information concerning the entrance fee or payment schedule, please contact our General Administrator, Mrs. Monica Puyó, at or

Annual Tuition Fees

The annual tuition fees include:

  • All sports and artistic extracurricular activities
  • All books, notebooks and educational material
  • Virtual libraries
  • IB Diploma Programme exams
  • French DELF 1 and DELF 2 exams
  • London College of Music examinations
  • Transportation for study visits in Lima
  • Bus transportation to school at entrance time from pre-established bus stops.
  • Tuition insurance in the name of the associated parent
  • The current annual costs are as follows:

    Level I (Early Years) US$ 7,150
    Level II (Early Years) US$ 8,448
    Pre-Kinder (Early Years) US$ 9,812
    Kindergarten to Form V US$ 11,440
    Form VI (IB Year 2) US$ 10,520

    The annual cost is paid in 11 monthly installments from February to December.

    Payments made within the first ten days of the month will have a discount of US$40.00 per month, per student.

    Frequently asked questions

    By March 31st the child must have the minimum age for that grade.

    No, all places are available to Peruvian and foreign families and they are reserved once the applicant is evaluated, accepted and the entrance fee has been paid

    Newton College is a bilingual school with a partial immersion programme. In Early Years and Lower School 50% of courses are taught in English and 50% in Spanish. As the student progresses through Upper School, more courses are taught in English. In the IB Diploma Programme, a student may study five of the six subjects in English and thus obtain the IB Bilingual Diploma.

    French is taught from 6th Grade in Upper School. Students can study this language right through to the IB Diploma Programme.

    Yes, as long as the student transfers before August. Official certificates have to be presented beforehand for all grades up to the previous year and report cards from the last two years.

    No, applicants are given general diagnostic tests for their age. These inform us of the child’s level of knowledge and skills. They do not solely determine entrance into the school.

    Yes, siblings of current students and ex-alumni children have a priority, since we regard it as important for a family to be together.

    No, this service is optional and involves an additional cost for a healthy, three-course meal which is prepared in kitchens on site.

    The school provides free bus transport to school in the mornings from specific pick-up points, currently in La Molina, Surco and San Borja. This service aims to help decongest and decontaminate the roads of Lima. The school also coordinates with owners of mini-buses to provide door-to-door transport in the mornings and afternoons. This service is at an extra cost.

    Reports and Testimonies

    Every five years the school is officially evaluated by the International Baccalaureate Organization. The school is also reviewed by the Latin American Heads Conference (LAHC) to obtain a more detailed analysis of its performance and areas for improvement. Find more information about the LAHC school review here

    In the last evaluation and review in 2014, we received special commendations for:

    1. The outstanding dedication of teachers to help their students in all academic and non-academic fields.
    2. The commitment and passion evident in all sectors of the school, generating a sense of pride and loyalty within the community.
    3. The attention to the holistic well-being of students, who are supported and cared for within the school environment.
    4. Teaching and learning foster a stimulating learning environment based on understanding and respect.
    5. The effective leadership and responsible fiscal management which has resulted in remarkable financial stability.

    The following videos are testimonies of what our parents currently think of the school:

    The following videos show typical activities which connect learning to social action in all three levels of the school:


    We are a Peruvian-British school located on a beautiful campus next to a lake. We deliver the programmes of the International Baccalaureate and aim “to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect” (IB mission).