CAS (CreativITY • ActiviTY • ServicE)

CAS seeks the integral formation of the student through the use of abilities such as organization, teamwork and solidarity. During their participation in CAS, our students will take on new challenges, which will require for them to show initiative and perseverance, and develop collaborative and problem resolution skills.

Creativity connects them with the arts and other experiences that involve the use of creative thinking. Activity motivates them to take actions that involve a physical effort which in turn contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Service gets them involved in experiences that promote respect for the rights and dignity of others, as well as solidarity.

Each year students participate in support projects for the NGO Techo para mi País, Operation Smile, NGO Action against Hunger, National Institute for Children, Cuna Santa Rosa de Lima and NGO Juguete Pendiente, among others. They also participate in internal projects such as the sign language club, animal rights group, lake cleaning crew and first aid training.