early years

Exploration and play-based learning to foster creativity, self-awareness and independence.

Early Years is the gateway to the continuum of IB programmes taught at Newton College.

Our outstanding facilities house students from 2 to 5 years of age, from Level I to Kindergarten. We have more than 28 years of experience shaping pupils to be confident, independent, sensitive and able to take on challenges.

Our priority is to shape children with solid foundations that allow them to develop and use their maximum potential to acquire future learning that will be applied in their daily lives

We base our programme in the learning profile of the IB community and shape our students to be:

• Inquirers
• Knowledgeable
• Thinkers
• Communicator
• Principled
• Open minded
• Caring
• Risk takers
• Balanced
• Reflective

Through exploration, inquiry, and meaningful learning experiences, our students begin to develop thinking, research, communication, social, and self-management skills that will lead them into building their own learning.

Level I: Programme for 2-year-olds

Level I students learn by playing, exploring, experimenting and developing their curiosity.

Through the use of their senses, they process and understand the world and create an important bond with their environment around them and the people they relate with. These learning experiences, together with the development of their native language, are fundamental for their wholesome growth. In Level I each class has two teachers and a maximum of 15 students.

Level II, Pre Kinder and Kindergarten

Starting at 3 years old, we work with a bilingual curriculum (English and Spanish), based on constructive and inquiry-led innovations, which are the pillars of the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate.

Each classroom has two highly qualified teachers, who are committed to the development of the programme. They make the learning experience fun and meaningful, fostering the child's pleasure for learning.

In all Early Years levels Drama is taught (twice or thrice a week) and also Music (once a week).

Education for Sustainable Development

Through our programmes, we foster the understanding that the world around us is everyone's responsibility.

Our students develop the necessary skills to reflect and act with empathy, sensitivity and respect towards themselves, towards others and towards the environment.

Students in EY have specialist courses in drama, music and in the case of Kinder also physical education. In these courses, students are able to expand and develop new skills, and have the opportunity to look into the units of inquiry through different lenses.