Our Story

Our story

Newton College was founded in 1979 with the purpose of offering a modern, humanistic, technological education combining academic excellence, sound character formation, and a sense of service to the community. It was to be British in outlook but with an international philosophy.

Mr. Stanley Moulden, the founder and first Provost of the school, based his view of education on the following principles:

• Education is not a case of submerging a child within a sea of knowledge and trusting that some of the humidity will stay.

• A sound creative mind is always adaptable and capable of confronting any change that may be imposed on it.

• A vivid inquiring mind is able to find solutions where all else seems futile.

• An intelligent mind is that upon which the future is built.

• The moral formation of a child is of utmost importance and we must place emphasis on self-discipline, honesty, and a sense of justice.

These principles are embedded in the school's current mission and values. The school's motto "Facite Omnia Sapienter" ("Do everything with common sense") reflects the view that discipline should be nurtured from within and not imposed from above.

The school has attained a prestigious international reputation which reflects that it is achieving its vision, namely, "To be recognised worldwide for our academic excellence and educational style". Our educational style is perhaps best depicted by one of the commendations that the school received during its inspection by the Latin American Heads Conference in 2008:

"The pupils identify with the principles of the school and are happy to belong to it. They feel respected, loved, and valued. They know that Newton College constitutes an appropriate place for not only receiving an academic education but also an emotional intelligence and spiritual formation."