House System


As in lots of British schools around the world, there is a House system here at Newton College.

Lancaster, Tudor, Windsor, York - named after British royal families- are the four Houses that aim to foster team spirit in students and encourage their participation. They are divided into Houses to compete in teams and individually in the different challenges, to earn points for their House.

House activities are performed separately between Lower and Upper School, and Houses at each level compete for a trophy. The overall trophy is awarded to the House that has accumulated the most points between the two levels.

The level of competition in these activities is less than the inter-school championships and this allows the participation of more students. Students also are encouraged to organize their own teams and activities in their Houses in order to gain leadership experience.

Although most House activities are competitive in nature, the most important aim is to develop co-operation and collaboration within and between Houses, hence the system is mainly suitable for sports-type activities. However, there are also writing and science competitions, graffiti, debates, general knowledge, sudoku, and chess, among other non-sport type contests.

Each year, new students are assigned to a House at the time of admission to the school, evenly. Fathers, sons, and siblings belong to the same House, in which they remain throughout their passage through our classrooms and then as alumni.