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We are pleased to launch our new institutional video. It highlights the educational philosophy of Newton College, our holistic and balanced curriculum and our emphasis on the formation of character based on our school values. It focuses on the varied activities that our students engage in inside and outside the classroom, and reinforces our mission, namely that our students should become successful citizens who actively contribute to the well-being of their local and global community.

We hope you enjoy the video.



At Newton College we not only aspire to academic excellence but also to a solid formation of character. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum which gives equal importance to the arts and to the sciences, to sports and to mathematics, to personal and social education as well as to technology. Among our principal beliefs is our conviction that the conceptual understanding of big ideas will prepare our students for change and the unpredictable future that faces them. We make learning as experiential and relevant as possible so that our pupils better understand the world around them. We are deeply committed to the principles of Education for Sustainable Development, (environmental care, social equity and economic justice), by ensuring that our pupils have the vision, values and behaviour needed for a more sustainable way of life.

If you are seeking a school that develops your child’s cognitive, personal, social and emotional growth, we invite you to take part in our Admissions Process 2019.

Visit of First Lady of Peru

On Monday, 14th August, the First Lady of Peru, Mrs. Nancy Ann Lange, addressed our Upper School students on the importance of social responsibility and volunteering. Mrs. Lange has worked in over 40 countries and in some of them she volunteered for community work. She recounted the strong community spirit which existed in her own birthplace, the village of Rock Springs in Wisconsin with a population of around 400.

Those inhabitants of Rock Springs with the relevant knowledge or expertise would provide medical and academic help to those who needed it; in the case of an emergency fire, they would become firefighters; when someone needed to go to neighbouring town, those with a vehicle would transport them. She emphasized that it was very important to create such a community spirit in many parts of Peru.

She also pointed out that according to recent research, volunteering has many positive side effects: it benefits physical and emotional health (e.g. it reduced stress); it develops important personal qualities (e.g. empathy, teamwork, resilience); it improves one’s academic CV and the possibility of being accepted by universities and for potential job opportunities.

Following her speech, a panel of students asked her questions. For instance, she was asked how her multi-cultural experiences in different countries had helped her in the social work. She replied that such experiences had taught her the universal value of gratitude. The most humble people throughout the world demonstrated extraordinary gratitude for the little they had in life. Those who were more fortunate should never forget the importance of gratitude.

After her very inspiring speech, the First Lady –or the First Volunteer, as she prefers to call herself– spoke to some of our Prefects about the CAS projects they are currently involved in. They described to her their challenges, failures and successes. She reassured them that all their experiences would benefit them and encouraged them to persevere, armed with a good sense of humour and gratitude.

Newton Students celebrate exam success


In January 45 of our students learnt that they had officially obtained the Bilingual IB Diploma. Therefore, 93.75% of the cohort that took the exam passed (as opposed to 79.3% worldwide in the May 2016 session). Moreover, 100% of them obtained Bilingual diploma whereas around the world it was 24.5% of the diploma graduates. Furthermore, the average score of our students was 33 points compared to a world average of 31 points.

We would like to congratulate our students for these excellent results. They have already entered the best universities in Peru and abroad, obtaining academic credits, course accreditation and significant scholarships. Three of them will study in the exclusive university of New York in Abu Dhabi where they annually accept just 320 of the brightest students from all the world. They will complete their studies in four years with scholarships of up to 100%.

Completing the IB in Form VI is an important investment which opens many doors to a greater variety of university and professional careers. Leaving the programme at the end of Form V is depriving oneself of such unique opportunities.  As one of our students has described the experience:

“I don't regret completing the IB at all. It is an incredible experience that every student should go through. I have grown so much this year that looking back at who I was in 2015 makes me proud of who I have become…The IB has indirectly taught me skills that are certainly needed for university and life: organizing my time, being more responsible and becoming a more independent person with the ability to make smarter decisions.” (Luciana Garcia – Diploma Graduate 2016)

Google Impact Lab


Newton College has signed an agreement with Google for Education to be the host site in Peru for a 12-month online course, called Google Impact. One hundred teachers from all over Peru, including 30 from Newton are learning about the best use of technological applications in education. They are already using with our students Google Docs, Blogger, Google Classroom and Google Communities.

It is the first time that Google offers this course in Peru and on completing it, the teacher receives the qualification “Google Certified Teacher”.


IB PYP Best Practice

The PYP Exhibition involves 5th Grade students inquiring into world and local problems, reflecting on their learning, and taking action to create solutions. 

 In 2016, the central idea was “Organizations have the responsibility to sustain the future of the Planet”. Our 5th Grade students created their own sustainable businesses – including logos, webpages, marketing pitches and products. They also found NGOs that work in fields similar to those at the centre of their investigation, so that they had a sustainable place to donate their profits. The success of the Exhibition at Newton College has led to a publication in Sharing PYP Blog, which focuses on excellence in IB practice (leer aquí).

In other exciting news, the NGO Pronaturaleza was inspired by one of our group’s projects, Ecolife, and set up a foundation to support it. The main aim of the EcoLife foundation is to provide educational workshops, projects and scholarships to children in Peru, so as to improve their quality of life and their understanding of the environment and how to protect it. The Executive Director of Pronaturaleza described this foundation as,​"By the kids, for the kids" and welcomed our students as his "business partners". To find out more please visit their site.

Congratulations to Andrea Pardo, Alec Socolich, Tanisha Esteves and Joaquin Gomez for this huge achievement, and to all those involved in the 5th Grade Exhibition of 2016.


Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) has just signed an agreement with the Northern Consortium of universities in the United Kingdom (NCUK), which will allow those students who obtain their IB Bilingual Diploma to obtain a British university degree in just 3 years. They may study the first international year of their course in UPC and the remaining two years in one of the NCUK universities.

Representatives of NCUK came to speak to our Form V and VI students and explained the major benefits of the agreement:

  • Obtaining a British university degree in 3 years;
  • The option of studying the first international year of the course in Peru;
  • The wide choice of careers offered by the 16 NCUK universities;
  • The financial savings: British university fees are around US$15,000 per year;
  • The high world rankings of the NCUK universities (six of them are in the top 200). 

As a British school Newton College is very pleased with this agreement and hopes that it will benefit many of our future IB graduates.


This year the IB Theatre Arts students produced “Ciudad de Reyes”, nine mini plays which revolved around the theme of inequality in Lima society. The plays addressed such topics as socio-economic and gender discrimination, exclusion of pupils with physical handicaps, chauvinistic fathers, abandoned old people and other social injustices. The genre of realism led to very powerful scripts that moved and impassioned the audiences. There were some outstanding performances both by our actors and musicians.

During the event, the Humanities and Art Departments reminded us of the work of individuals and institutions who are combating anti-values in Lima, and CAS and Junior Achievement reminded us of the importance of entrepreneurship for social causes.