Upon entering Newton College, your children will not only come to school to acquire academic knowledge. The school will become a source of values to support their education at home, a source of friends for life and experiences that will largely determine who they will become in the future.

As described in our mission, at Newton College we are committed to developing the full potential of your children so that they become well rounded and successful citizens and therefore, happy citizens. Consequently, it is very important that parents are aware of our values and the Newton student profile.

Our admissions process is focused on providing candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as to provide answers to questions that parents may have about the school. Therefore, we request you read carefully the procedures, as applicable:

1. For students who come from a school abroad
2. For students who come from a school in Peru
3. For students who apply to Early Years (Nursery, Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten)

Education Costs 2017


Asociacion Educacional Williamson del Peru is an educational non-profit organization, governing body of Newton College. The admission fee, or Associate Certificate, has a value of US$ 15,000.00. In case a student leaves the school, the fee is not refundable nor can be it be transferred to another student. Discounts may apply to the admission fee for applicants from 6th Grade onward.


Level I - US$ 6,490 per year
Level II - US$ 7,755 per year
Pre-Kinder - US$ 9,075 per year
Kindergarten through Form V - US$ 10,680 per year
Form VI (IB) - US$ 9,790 per year

The educational cost includes regular education for each grade and year, all extra-curricular cultural, artistic and sport activities that the association offers; all books, notebooks, educational materials in all academic grades, tuition insurance in the name of the associated parent, international examinations programmed by the school (IB Diploma, IGCSE and DELF) and transportation for all local events and field trips.