In a globalized world, to master several languages is no longer a privilege but a requisite. At Newton College, our students speak English and Spanish. As from 6th Grade we offer them the opportunity to learn a third language, French, to an advanced level, provided they are competent in their second language.

French is spoken internationally and enables communication with more than 53 countries, including Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg, as well as various countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

Thanks to the advances of the internet and social media, we are now able to communicate instantly with any part of the planet.

Using mostly a communicative method, the French department gives its students the opportunity to access a second foreign language and to learn about the cultures of the Francophone world.

This enables them to communicate better with a larger population and to develop greater multi-cultural tolerance and respect. The study of French promotes their cognitive, affective and social growth, helping them to become the well-rounded and successful citizens that will have a positive, humanitarian impact on the world’s future.