Interim Years Programme
(IYP: Grade 6 – Form II)

The IYP is an inquiry, concept-based curriculum which seeks to 'bridge the gap' between the trans-disciplinary and inquiry nature of the PYP and IB diploma programmes. It develops student action, some trans-disciplinary study and key research skills.

It continues fostering thinking by focusing on common underlying skills and concepts across different courses, especially essential learning skills, through the 'Learning to Learn' (LtL) course. Units of work are framed around central questions. Students are always encouraged to question and wonder, to pursue lines of investigation with rigour and to be active learners. IYP action extends or applies the unit subject objectives into real world use to reinforce and enrich them. For example, they understand how the power of language can be used in a real world context to invoke persuasion or creative expression in Languages, how field research can create environmental appreciation in Sciences or Humanities, or how Music can give voice and raise awareness about cultures. Therefore, within this full inquiry cycle, from questioning, research, analysis to action, we aim to create balanced students that reflect the breadth of the IB learner profile –as successful global citizens. 

Andrew Rothman